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01. Vibudh Shridhar Author and poet, composer of several texts.Vibudh Shridhar or Vibudha Shridhara was an accomplished Apabhramsha writer and poet in North India. He is the first known Agrawal author.
02.Bharatendu Harishchandra Hindi pioneerBhartendu Harishchandra is known as the father of modern Hindi literature as well as Hindi theatre. He is considered one of the greatest Hindi writers of modern India. A recognised poet, he was a trendsetter in Hindi prose-writing.
03.Babu GulabraiEminent Hindi writer and philosopherBabu Gulabrai was a significant figure in modern Hindi literature.
04. Hanuman Prasad PoddarEditor of KalyanHanuman Prasad Poddar was an Indian freedom fighter, litterateur, magazine editor and philanthropist. He was also one of trustee of gita press by Ghanshyam Jalan and Jay Dayal ji Goeyendka-Sethji.
05. Kaka Hathrasi real name (Prabhulal Garg) Editor of Jai Bolo Baiman Ki, Kaka Ki Chaupal, Kaka Tarang,Kaka Hathrasi was a noted Hindi satirist and humorist poet of India. His real name was Prabhu Lal Garg. He wrote under the pen name Kaka Hathrasi
06.Kedarnath AgarwalEditor of Priye Priyman: Kedarnath Agarwal aur unki patni Parvati Devi ke antarang patro ka sankalanKedarnath Agarwal was a Hindi language poet and littérateur
07.Sita Ram Goel Eminent historian, writer and publisherSita Ram Goel was an Indian religious and political activist, writer, and publisher in the late twentieth century
08. Vasudev Sharan Agrawal eminent historian, writerVasudeva Saran Agrawala from Pilakhua, a village in the Meerut district, Uttar Pradesh was one of the great scholar of the present century who specialized in several disciplines and areas of Indology including Ancient and Mediaeval Indian literature, History, Culture, Art and archaeology.
09. Jinendra Varni compiler of 5 volume "Jainendra Siddhanta Kosha" and Saman Suttam.Jinēndra Varṇī, one of the best-known Jain scholars of the 20th century, is known for his pioneering five-volume Jainendra Siddhanta Kosha and Saman Suttam compilation, the first text accepted by all Jain orders in 1800 years.
10.Ishwar Chandra Gupta Editor of KabijībanīIshwar Chandra Gupta was an Indian Bengali poet and writer. Gupta was born in Kalyani, Nadia, West Bengal, India
11. Dr. Gaurav SinghalHe is a Businessman,
Philanthropist, Writer on academia with social experience.
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